Fisecorp Financial Services

servicios para exportadores


Financial services for exporters

We have experience with the tools used by financial institutions in international markets.

Lines of credit with international financial institutions

– Structured financing of Foreign Trade (Supply Chain Financing).

– International factoring lines.

– Structured financing with multilateral organizations.

– Financing based on acceptable guarantees abroad.

– Discount of local and international bank acceptances.

– International collections.

Export Risk Mitigation

– Insurance on accounts receivable from foreign customers.

– Financing on secured accounts receivable.

Comparative advantages

– Structures tailored to each client and/or industry.

– Flexible credit amount based on the strengths of each operation.

– Not necessarily in mortgage or pledge guarantees.

– This type of structuring minimizes local risk and realan components that local banks do not take into account relationships with leading international institutions that seek to position themselves with clients in Ecuador in the long term.

– Always take into consideration the tax effects and other costs inherent to international operations.

Sectors in demand

At Fisecorp SA we help companies so that they can adequately cover their needs within the following industries:

• Aquaculture and fishing.
• Agroindustry.
• Manufacturing.
• Trade agricultural inputs and fertilizers.
• White line and electronic trade.


1. The line increases as sales and accounts receivable increase.

2. The need to wait for traditional payment terms is eliminated.

3. Especially useful for sales to distant customers (eg cargo shipped from America to Europe / Asia / Oceania.

We are exclusive representatives
of RTS International in Ecuador